Environmental law and real estate development

Agio is your partner in all aspects of public and administrative law and has extensive experience in supervising the most complex and challenging projects in all sectors and in all related proceedings: (mixed) urban development projects, infrastructure projects of (supra) local level, residential, allotments, SME developments, renewable energy (windmills, solar panels, ...), retail, logistics, leisure, hotels, healthcare, industrial, ...

Environmental law - assistance in the context of the unique environmental permit procedure (“omgevingsvergunning”, urban development, allotments, environmentally classified establishments, ...) (including environmental impact assessment, heritage, nature, ...), spatial planning, complaints in the context of a public inquiry, appeals with the Deputation, environmental permit committees, the Council for Permit Disputes and the Council of State, criminal and administrative enforcement

Expropriation law - assistance in the context of expropriation or amicable acquisition of land by a public authority to avoid expropriation proceedings

Constitutional law - advice on fundamental rights, protected by Constitutional and European law, assistance in proceedings before the Constitutional Court and European courts

Energy law - advice on the energy regulatory framework and policy (including regulators)

Real estate development and real estate transactions - assistance regarding all legal aspects relating to real estate development and real estate transactions (due diligence,...) in all sectors

General (economic) public and administrative law - advice to every government and private party regarding all topics of (economic) public and administrative law (municipality (Local Government Decree), province (Provincial Decree), regional and federal, privatization (autonomous municipal companies) ,...), general public and administrative law (public administration, administrative supervision and procedures, privacy,...))

Litigation - In case of disputes, we assist you in all administrative and judicial proceedings (Deputation, Council for Permit Disputes, Council of State, ordinary courts, criminal proceedings, Constitutional Court, European courts, ...)

Contact us for:

  • Permitting
  • Planning and zoning
  • Environmental law (including soil contamination)
  • Expropriation law
  • Constitutional law
  • Energy law
  • Real estate development
  • Real estate transactions
  • General (economic) public and administrative law
  • Litigation
  • Construction law

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