A number of our lawyers are active academically in civil procedural law. They litigate and provide advice on civil procedural law to Agio clients as well as to other legal practitioners. A large number of cases relate to formalist areas such as enforced execution.  Our litigation team is up to date with the rules and deontology of legal actors such as lawyers, bailiffs, court experts, administrators, judges, etc. and often intervenes in connection with questions about their liability.

Contact us for:

  • Civil litigation
  • Expert appraisal
  • Jurisdiction
  • Forced execution (seizure, penalty payments, ...)
  • Liability of judicial actors such as lawyers, bailiffs, court experts, ...
  • Proceedings on the merits
  • Interlocutory proceedings 
  • Strike actions
  • Proceedings on unilateral petition
  • Provisional measures and expert opinions
  • Attachment procedures
  • Proceedings for the enforcement of court and arbitral awards
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • The annulment of arbitral rulings and conflicts of jurisdiction and law

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