Tax Law

Taxes often have a significant impact on corporate profitability and return on investments. It is therefore crucial to have a clear and comprehensive view of the tax implications of any proposed transaction.

Not paying more tax than is legally required, isn't that what everyone wants? At Agio, we take a practical, expert and affordable approach to make the most of your tax situation.

Our team of experienced lawyers offers individuals and companies a comprehensive and proactive service, with professional but also comprehensible tax advice in the field of direct and indirect taxes, local taxes and registration fees. Our lawyers also provide (proactive) tax advice in the development of your business and the planning of your assets.

Agio is your expert partner if you have a dispute with the tax authorities. Our experienced lawyers provide assistance in administrative and legal procedures. Although, we will always try to avoid legal procedures through prior negotiations and intermediation.

Contact us for:

  • Tax audit and procedure
  • Income tax
  • Family taxation
  • VAT
  • Inheritance planning
  • Local taxes
  • Registration fees
  • Tax regularization

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