Valère Vereecke


Valère started his internship in 2005 at the law firm Agrementor, after which he became a partner in 2009 at Caeymaex, Verstraeten & Dobson (CLVD lawyers), an established name at the Antwerp Bar.

From the beginning of his career, Valère specialized in construction law (private construction law - public procurement law) real estate (construction promotion - co-ownership of apartments) and insurance law. Valère is also a part-time assistant at the University of Leuven (department of bankruptcy  law) under the expert guidance of Professor M. E. Storme, with a particular focus on director's liability. Valère has been recognized as a liquidator since 2013. To broaden his knowledge, Valère obtained an additional Master in Corporate Law at the University of Antwerp in 2014. Given his experience and knowledge, Valère has been a great added value to Lige (now Agio Legal) since 27 April 2020.

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